God loves me I have sinned Jesus died for me I need to decide to live for God
A testimony from Mike Farrington  

In my personal experience I have found the 4points to be far and away the most effective tool for personal witness and evangelism that I have ever come across. The wristbands appeal to people of all ages and backgrounds. I frequently give wristbands to people as a way of opening their hearts to hear about the gospel. There is a verse in Proverbs which says, 'A man's gift makes room for him,' (Prov 18:16), and when people are offered a wristband as a gift, their hearts are often warmed to hear the meaning of the symbols, and they are happy to take a tract explaining the 4points. Very often people will put a wristband on as soon as I have given it to them. The tract means that I can leave a fuller explanation with the person for them to read in their own time, and the prayer on the tract gives them an opportunity to respond in prayer to God.

I have constantly been amazed with how attracted and intrigued people are by the wristbands, and how, even if they do not consider themselves at all 'religious', they don't hestitate to put one on. There are more examples than I can remember of God speaking to people through them. One which stands out is of a guy asking for money one evening in Liverpool city centre; after I had bought him a snack to eat, I offered him a wristband and talked about the meaning of the 4points, and then read through the prayer at the end of the tract; he broke down, and said how what was written was like it had been written just for him. God had clearly touched this guy deeply, and I was able to pray with him before I left him.

One of the beauties of the 4points is that it provides a simple starting point for explanation of the gospel. I personally try to spell out rather more clearly than is stated in the 4points tract that because we have all sinned, none of us is good enough to go to heaven; there is usually an automatic assumption that if there is a God, then surely I will go to heaven because I'm not a really bad guy. However, the simplicity of the 4points allows one to expand as one feels appropriate.

In conclusion, I'd like to say a very big thank you to the 4points team for what is I believe an inspired and anointed tool for spreading the good news of Jesus

Mike Farrington Liverpool 2013

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