God loves me I have sinned Jesus died for me I need to decide to live for God
** FREE Personalised Gospel Tracts 2000 bulk

We are currently looking for 500 churches that want to partner with us to share the gospel with one million people. We are offering one free box of 2000 personalised tracts per church / ministry, subject to availability. Partners can choose to pay for their tracts, receive free tracts and / or make a donation towards our mission through Stewardship services.

If you would like to make a charitable donation towards the ministry of the4points you can do this via give.net

These beautifully produced, fold-out tracts give a concise explanation of each of the four points of the gospel, along with key matching bible references, and a prayer of commitment at the end. The tracts are produced in heavyweight, silk finished card and shipped flat but are scored for easy folding. At only 52mm x 70mm when folded (less than the size of a credit card), they can be easily kept in your wallet or purse.

The order deadline for the next print run is Friday 16th September 2022 for delivery by Friday 14th October 2022.

When ordering simply write in the comment box the name of your church or ministry along with your website and any specific requirements like tract language. This will enable us to quickly send you an advised artwork proof, which usually includes your logo, for you to check or amend before printing. Personalised tracts are only available in multiples of 2000 and any orders placed need to be paid in full before the order deadline.